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Toilet discussion
« on: November 27, 2015, 07:45:12 PM »

Do you know of any replacement toilets for the UltraVan? Will the new models
like you can get at Camping World fit?

Anyone else who might know, please chime in.


#302/ #499

Hi Glen

In Regards to the toilet--- Len Ryerson purchased a "Sealand model
#910-491003 from Camping world (About three years ago) and he did mount
it , but required some reworking of the metal panel behind the toilet.
Sorry but that is all that I know on it .


Hi Jim and Bob,

Thanks for your input on the toilet situation. Now, that's the kind of stuff
I like to hear. Right now, the vote is 2 to 1 for using the tanks. And, I
sure agree on the porta-potty emptying problems. I just had to do an emptying
job yesterday afteer our house sewre had stopped up again and we were using
our "emergency" rest room facility. Maybe we shaould have just gone out and
used the UV's bathroom.

The toilet in #499 is badly in need of a seat, and the filling system was
ingeniously modified by a previous owner. The drain from the sink goes into a
hose that runs to the top side of the Saniware bowl. So, whenever the sink is
used, the grey water drains to the toilet. The reason given for this feature
was that "it saves water." Or, if you need watewr to flush the bowl, you get
it from turning on the sink faucet. For the seat, we went to West Marine to
see if we could get a new one. The don't carry replacement seats, said we
would have to special order one. It seemed worth considering just replacing
the Saniware toilet with a more modern one; one that we could get parts for if
we needed them.

Jim, thanks for the report on window inventory. Dave and I found one in his
hangar yesterday, but it had been riveted into a top rear quarter panel and
would have to have the rivets drilled out for it to be useable. Also, there
was no screen or catch. BTW, I noticed some broken catches on the other
windows. Do you have any of those catches (the rotating portion), or know if
they are available anywhere?

In the hangar, there were also 3 of the large rounded corner windows. Dave
calls them the Newhouse windows. Plus all kinds of miscellaneous UV parts,
pieces, panels, sections, and extrusions.

The shift cable on #302 broke, right at the transmission end. Dave said you
might have some of those cables, too. He told me how it could be braized to
repair it, but the section is so small, I'd be concerned about the repair
holding. Plus, it would be very difficult to hold it together just to make
the repair. Do you have an opinion on repairability? The place it's broken
is the small shaft just ahead of the ball that holds the cable into the shift

Thanks for your help, guys.

#302/ #499